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I will talk about the prologue, which is repeated three times, how it shows the seriousness of the conflict between the houses of Capulet and Montague and finally an analysis of the opening scene. This film directed by Baz Luhrmann's, it is an updated…. Rewarding figuratively and literary, as the producers could in fact acquire a great income due to the popularity of the film. He indulges the audience straight away with his music video background talents. You wonder what I mean by this well he uses cutting edge camera techniques and dynamic music setting.

Baz Luhrmann's Film Techniques to Make Romeo and Juliet More Accessible to a Younger Audience The story of Romeo and Juliet has been added to and adapted to over the year's though different film productions, but none more spectacular and popular as the 'Blockbuster' Luhrmann created. Luhrmann turned an Elizabethan play into a modern day action packed film all could relate to and understand.

Luhrmann turned a historical tragedy into an up-beat action packed love story…. After watching the movie I was left in disbelief, was that possible? Baz Luhrmanhn is a movie guru; working at MTV really gave him that edge Just in the opening scene we are in for a treat.

Baz Luhrmanns Romeo And Juliet Review Film Studies Essay

Luhrmann knows how to work the camera in just the right ways. What I liked about the opening parts of the scenes…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Characterisation is very important for both the original play and film version. An appropriation is a text that is appropriated or taken over by another composer and presented in a new way. Baz Luhrmann has kept the same themes and ideas from the original play in his film which shows they are actually timeless and can impact on all audiences, no matter what age they are a part of.

One of the key themes in the play and film is love. When Romeo sees Juliet for the first time, he forgets his former love Rosaline and falls genuinely in love with Juliet.

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She in turn responds to him with a love that is innocent and eager. Another important theme in the two texts is hate.

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An example is. Show More. The purpose of the prologue… Words - Pages 4.

Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet Paper

Responsibility… Words - Pages 2. On the other hand, Baz… Words - Pages 4. He replaces a variety of literary techniques with techniques specific to the medium of film, allowing the film to still convey… Words - Pages 5. Romeo is a handsome man who matures to adulthood at a young… Words - Pages 2. On the other hand, others admired the way Luhrmann retold the centuries-old story in a very modern context, making it feel, in… Words - Pages 4. Various reviewers expressed their concern about the combination of modern popular culture and Shakespeare.

In his adaptation Luhrmann went beyond the method of intertextuality and exploited intermediality in order to demonstrate the storyline of the young lovers. As an adaptation of literature the film already combines two media: film and book. Although the text is rearranged and enhanced from other Shakespeare plays, intermediality adds extra meaning as for example the advertisements quoting Shakespeare do.

https://europeschool.com.ua/profiles/gamiguqi/tanta-ciudad-y-tu-un.php Whereas other modern adaptations of classic material change both setting and language Luhrmann stuck to the language but made extreme changes to the imagery. The actors speak Shakespeare as prose. This represents another mixture of theatre and film as stage actors usually stick to the rhyme scheme. Furthermore, drugs and weapons do not seem to have lost their topicality. In relocating culture the film addresses drug culture as a pressing issue. Therefore, the adaption emphasizes the drug difficulty but does not reinvent it.

She further criticises the implied gang wars as two different ethnic groups fighting each other. Luhrmann modified the ethnicity of some characters. Language and symbolic value of media and costumes indicate a production away from reality. Hopkins argues that the customs at the party serve as symbols for a new layer of meaning [16]. Romeo is dressed as a knight and therefore represents English traditional virtues. Paris however wears an astronaut costume and represents an American achievement.

Metonymically the costumes of Paris and Juliet seem to connect them as a couple in the regard of metaphorically flying and heaven. This enhanced meaning highlights the modern zeitgeist of the new interpretation. Although filmed in Mexico a license plate number identifies it as Verona Beach. Many American places are named after European town or cities sometimes even countries.

Intermediality enables this construction of a world in which this is normal communication.

Romeo and Juliet Video Essay

The Sycamore Grove of Shakespeare becomes a beach with building, kiosks and a lot of visitors.